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Focused on Adult Recreational Hockey for Men and Women in Toronto & Brampton
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Summer 2018

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The Women's League is Adult Recreational House League Level.
The focus is on fun, recreation and development.
If you or your team is highly skilled/competitive, this is NOT for you!

True North Hockey Canada Visor Rule

Purpose – To ensure player safety and cut down on the number of eye/orbital injuries in True North Hockey Canada

True North Hockey Canada has instituted a mandatory facial protection policy for all players. Any player not wearing a minimum of a half visor or cage will be asked to leave the ice surface immediately and will not be permitted to return until they have the proper facial protection in place. The visor/cage must be fastened securely to the helmet as per CSA Approved Regulations with all straps firmly attached as per manufacturer’s design. If a player loses their visor/cage during the course of play, the official will immediately stop the play and allow the player to safely return to the bench to re-attach or replace the cage/visor before they are permitted to return to the game.

For your convenience, we offer online Registration.
Each available night and location is listed below.
Simply click on your choice for more information and to sign up right now!

Toronto Women's League games
are played Wednesday Nights at The Rinx regRinx.gif
with some games at The Ricoh Coliseum regRicoh.gif
and some games at The Mattamy Centre

Here's what you and your team get!

- Starts Wednesday September 20th, 2017

- 24 games guaranteed (including minimum of 2 playoff games)

- 3 periods stop-time 10-10-12

- On line team and player stats

- Certified - Professional Referees

- Games are played at the Recreational House League Level

- A. D. & D. Insurance Coverage for all players

- $599 Individual Entry, includes jersey*
- $8000 per Team Entry**,***

* Individual entry price includes HST and jersey. Any individual player placed on a team of individuals receives a jersey.
**Any individual placed on an existing team is subject to the policy of the team and may in fact receive a partial refund.
***Team entries do NOT receive uniforms.


True North Hockey Canada does not schedule games on statutory holidays as recognized by the Government of Canada or the Province of Ontario (with the exception of Family Day & Remembrance Day). Games that fall on religious holidays that occur on dates other than recognized statutory holidays will not be re-scheduled by True North Hockey Canada. It is up to the individuals that are affected by this policy to choose between playing hockey or observing their religious practices. True North Hockey Canada can not and will not reschedule games for teams or individuals wishing to observe their religious holidays.

Call (416) 231-8642 for details.


100 Princes' Blvd
Toronto, ON
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65 Orfus Rd
Toronto, ON
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60 Carlton St
Toronto, ON
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