Super Sunday Free Agent Registration

Super Sunday
Free Agent
Player Registration

COVID PROTOCOLS | By Government order, no one is allowed to enter any arena without showing proof of full vaccination.

This means that every single player, coach, fan must carry with them proof of vaccination to every single game. Failure to do so might result in a charge and/or fine from a Municipal Bylaw Officer. If you knowingly allow a player to play without proof of vaccination, you could potentially be held liable for a fine or charge.

If a player is found fraudulently claiming to be fully vaccinated or fails to present proof of vaccination they could be expelled from the League immediately with no refund. ***True North will be conducting spot checks in order to enforce the law.***

The following form is for a player entering the
TNHC Super Sunday League as an Individual.

(That means you are not on a team but would like to join a Super Sunday team.)

If you do not have a team to play on, we will help to place you on either
an existing team or a team made up of other individuals just like you.
If you join an individual team, a Jersey is included.
If you join an existing team, you will pay the the amount that the Team Rep charges,
often less than the Individual rate posted here. Registration is not a guarantee that we
can place you but we do place nearly everyone that registers.
We will not charge your credit card unless we can find you a team to play on.

• 23 Games Guaranteed •
• 3 stop-time periods (15-15-15) •
• $649.00 (jersey & socks included) •
(price includes HST)

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Refund Policy:
Refunds will be given only if your spot is filled by another individual. All refunds are pro-rated on the date of the request for refund. A $50 service charge will be deducted from refunds for TNHC administration costs.

I authorize TNHC to process $649.00

By submitting this form, you agree to the registration and authorize the above payment against your credit card.

To confirm your identity, an email will be sent to your email address when you submit this form. To complete your registration, you must click on the "confirm" button inside that email. TNHC WILL ONLY ACCEPT ONE REGISTRATION FROM ANY EMAIL ADDRESS.

Have a great Season!