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COVID PROTOCOLS | By Government order, no one is allowed to enter any arena without showing proof of full vaccination.

This means that every single player, coach, fan must carry with them proof of vaccination to every single game. Failure to do so might result in a charge and/or fine from a Municipal Bylaw Officer. If you knowingly allow a player to play without proof of vaccination, you could potentially be held liable for a fine or charge.

If a player is found fraudulently claiming to be fully vaccinated or fails to present proof of vaccination they could be expelled from the League immediately with no refund. ***True North will be conducting spot checks in order to enforce the law.***

416 Beginner Program
runs on Sundays in Toronto,
at The Rinx regRinx.gif

905 Beginner Program
Runs Monday Nights in Brampton,
at the CAA Centre regBram.gif

Here's what you get!

• 10 weeks of hockey school •
• 10 stop-time games, including a Spring Playoff Tournament •
Skill Level:
NO skill required.

• $649 Individual Entry, includes jersey & socks •

Are you new to hockey?
Were you a kid that did not play hockey but now you want to?
Where do you go?
What do you do?
You say to yourself, "I will be awful. I'm not good enough to be a Beginner".

We have you in mind. We can take your interest and help you become a hockey player.

Since 1990 we have been training people, just like you, developing new skills, improving fitness and confidence and creating a League where after your training, we actually have a Division where you and your team mates will actually be competitive with other teams and players just like you.

We start with 10 weeks of Hockey School. From equipment to skating, stopping, passing, taking a shot on net, line changes, positional play and simulated games.

After Hockey School you and your team will be playing against the other teams in the Program. After your Regular Season Schedule you and all the other Beginner Teams will participate in a Tournament Playoff weekend to compete for your chance to have your team's name on the True North Hockey Canada Cup.

Our Beginner Program runs during our Fall/Winter season from December to April.

Please note: The TNHC Adult Beginner Program only runs in the Fall/Winter hockey season.

It's hard. It's fun. You know you always wanted to do this.

TNHC Adult Beginners Program

10 Weeks of professional classes.

TNHC Adult Beginners Program

You'll learn the fundamentals.

TNHC Adult Beginners Program

You'll participate in drills.

TNHC Adult Beginners Program

Everyone is here to learn.

TNHC Adult Beginners Program

It's a ton of hard work!

TNHC Adult Beginners Program

Bryan and his staff know the game.

TNHC Adult Beginners Program

You may need to get an agent.

TNHC Adult Beginners Program

You'll make great friends!

TNHC Adult Beginners Program

You'll be ready to play in real games!

True North is the only league in the GTA to offer a comprehensive, Beginner's Hockey Program that streams Beginner Hockey Players into our league through a tried and proven program that has introduced over 15,000 players to the game of hockey.


Our 416 Program runs on Sundays, starting in December at The Rinx in Toronto.



Our 905 Program runs on Mondays, starting in December at the CAA Centre in Brampton.