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TNHC 2019-2020 Winter League
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905 Divisions
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Keon - Rookie C



All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1The Randy Savages108115523172832
2True North Komets1055046501058-4
4True North Admirals104603948838-9
5Mighty Dukes102623353674-20
6Super Seals102712244520-22

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

May 0705:30 PMRinx 2Spoilers5True North Admirals1Final
May 0705:30 PMRinx 3True North Komets4True North Bulls9Final
May 0706:30 PMRinx 1Bobcats1The Randy Savages6Final
May 0706:45 PMRinx 2Mighty Dukes0Super Seals2Final
May 1405:30 PMRinx 3The Randy Savages4Spoilers9Final
May 1405:30 PMRinx 2True North Admirals5Mighty Dukes3Final
May 1406:45 PMRinx 2Super Seals1Bobcats5Final
May 1407:45 PMRinx 1Ugly Pucklings7True North Komets3Final
May 2806:45 PMRinx 2True North Komets3Hot Rods8Final
May 2807:00 PMFord PC 3Bobcats1Spoilers5Final
May 2808:15 PMFord PC 3Super Seals5True North Admirals7Final
May 2809:30 PMFord PC 3Mighty Dukes1The Randy Savages6Final
Jun 0407:15 PMFord PC 4The Randy Savages6Super Seals1Final
Jun 0408:00 PMRinx 3True North Admirals6Bobcats1Final
Jun 0408:00 PMRinx 2True North Komets7Mighty Dukes2Final
Jun 1108:30 PMFord PC 4Bobcats6Mighty Dukes1Final
Jun 1109:15 PMRinx 3True North Admirals1The Randy Savages5Final
Jun 1109:15 PMRinx 2True North Komets7Super Seals3Final
Jun 1809:45 PMFord PC 4True North Admirals3True North Komets8Final
Jun 1810:30 PMRinx 3Super Seals4Mighty Dukes4Final
Jun 1810:30 PMRinx 2The Randy Savages6Bobcats1Final
Jun 2506:30 PMRinx 1Mighty Dukes3True North Admirals8Final
Jun 2507:45 PMRinx 1Bobcats6Super Seals1Final
Jun 2509:00 PMRinx 1True North Komets2The Randy Savages6Final
Jul 0905:30 PMRinx 3True North Admirals2Super Seals3Final
Jul 0905:40 PMRinx 2True North Komets4Bobcats2Final
Jul 0906:45 PMRinx 2The Randy Savages5Mighty Dukes5Final
Jul 1607:00 PMFord PC 3Super Seals1The Randy Savages5Final
Jul 1608:15 PMFord PC 3Mighty Dukes9True North Komets6Final
Jul 1609:30 PMFord PC 3Bobcats9True North Admirals5Final
Jul 2307:15 PMFord PC 4Mighty Dukes5Bobcats4Final
Jul 2308:00 PMRinx 2Super Seals1True North Komets2Final
Jul 2308:00 PMRinx 3The Randy Savages6True North Admirals1Final

Play Makers

1Michael Gouzopoulos10The Randy Savages10814224
2Ricky Grewal9True North Admirals99101916
3John Yeh8True North Admirals10108182
4David Ko7Mighty Dukes8611178
5Noah Gruneir12The Randy Savages1088162
6Simon Yang2The Randy Savages1087152
7Larry Cameron11True North Komets104111512
8Dylan Posey2True North Komets1068140
9Michael Aires16True North Komets8103132
10Angelo Capone6True North Komets1093124
11Mike SwyersTBD-2Mighty Dukes784128
12Chris Pereira10True North Admirals1075120
13Godfrey Tio5The Randy Savages875122
14Andre Aires8True North Komets92101214
15Juris Jorda23Bobcats974112

Net Minders

1Mark Bishop42The Randy Savages9141.5560
2Dan Stanghieri31Bobcats8293.6250
3Logan NashGTrue North Komets8344.2500
4Jason LienGSuper Seals10444.4001
5David WainwrightTBD-1True North Admirals5224.4000
6Pardeep ChahalGTrue North Admirals5265.2000
7Chris Kari69Mighty Dukes10535.3000


1Aidan Foster-duffy19Mighty Dukes922
2Ricky Grewal9True North Admirals916
3Andre Aires8True North Komets914
4Bill McAnally13True North Komets1012
5Larry Cameron11True North Komets1012
6James Wilson77Mighty Dukes910
7Trevor Levine11True North Admirals910
8David Ko7Mighty Dukes88
9Mike SwyersTBD-2Mighty Dukes78
10Peter McCarthy14Mighty Dukes98
11Clayton Chow00The Randy Savages76
12Julius Di Filippo00Bobcats76
13Matt Severinac7True North Komets86
14Angelo Capone6True North Komets104
15David Griffith11Super Seals74


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre








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