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Focused on Adult Recreational Hockey for Men and Women in Toronto & Brampton
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Womens Recreational



All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

4Summer Fling934291288-3
5Toronto Ice Cats93601416612-2
7Go Dingers1019022328-21

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

May 0212:01 AMBye WeekToronto Ice CatsToronto Ice Cats 
May 0209:20 PMRinx 1Lynx3Nylons2Final
May 0210:00 PMRinx 3Blueberries3Summer Fling0Final
May 0210:10 PMRinx 2Go Dingers0Pumas2Final
May 0912:01 AMBye WeekNylonsNylons 
May 0906:00 PMRinx 3Pumas0Lynx2Final
May 0906:20 PMRinx 1Toronto Ice Cats2Blueberries3Final
May 0907:20 PMRinx 1Summer Fling2Go Dingers0Final
May 1612:01 AMBye WeekSummer FlingSummer Fling 
May 1607:20 PMRinx 1Go Dingers0Lynx3Final
May 1608:20 PMRinx 1Blueberries4Nylons0Final
May 1609:20 PMRinx 1Toronto Ice Cats1Pumas2Final
May 2312:01 AMBye WeekLynxLynx 
May 2308:20 PMRinx 1Summer Fling0Toronto Ice Cats3Final
May 2309:20 PMRinx 1Pumas2Blueberries3Final
May 2310:20 PMRinx 1Nylons3Go Dingers0Final
May 3012:01 AMBye WeekPumasPumas 
May 3009:00 PMRinx 3Summer Fling1Nylons1Final
May 3009:20 PMRinx 1Blueberries2Go Dingers0Final
May 3010:20 PMRinx 1Toronto Ice Cats1Lynx2Final
Jun 0612:01 AMBye WeekGo DingersGo Dingers 
Jun 0606:45 PMRinx 1Lynx2Blueberries5Final
Jun 0607:45 PMRinx 1Pumas2Summer Fling0Final
Jun 0608:45 PMRinx 1Nylons2Toronto Ice Cats1Final
Jun 1312:01 AMBye WeekBlueberriesBlueberries 
Jun 1306:45 PMRinx 1Go Dingers0Toronto Ice Cats4Final
Jun 1307:45 PMRinx 1Lynx0Summer Fling0Final
Jun 1308:45 PMRinx 1Nylons4Pumas5Final
Jun 2012:01 AMBye WeekToronto Ice CatsToronto Ice Cats 
Jun 2006:45 PMRinx 1Blueberries2Summer Fling0Final
Jun 2007:45 PMRinx 1Lynx2Nylons1Final
Jun 2008:45 PMRinx 1Go Dingers0Pumas2Final
Jun 2712:01 AMBye WeekNylonsNylons 
Jun 2706:45 PMRinx 1Pumas1Lynx2Final
Jun 2707:45 PMRinx 1Summer Fling1Go Dingers0Final
Jun 2708:45 PMRinx 1Toronto Ice Cats0Blueberries2Final
Jul 0412:01 AMBye WeekSummer FlingSummer Fling 
Jul 0406:45 PMRinx 1Blueberries5Nylons1Final
Jul 0407:45 PMRinx 1Toronto Ice Cats1Pumas0Final
Jul 0408:45 PMRinx 1Go Dingers0Lynx3Final
Jul 1112:01 AMBye WeekLynxLynx 
Jul 1106:45 PMRinx 1Nylons1Go Dingers2Final
Jul 1107:45 PMRinx 1Pumas0Blueberries0Final
Jul 1108:45 PMRinx 1Summer Fling5Toronto Ice Cats1Final
Jul 1812:01 AMBye WeekPumasPumas 
Jul 1806:45 PMRinx 1Toronto Ice CatsLynx 
Jul 1807:45 PMRinx 1BlueberriesGo Dingers 
Jul 1808:45 PMRinx 1Summer FlingNylons 
Jul 2512:01 AMBye WeekGo DingersGo Dingers 
Jul 2506:45 PMRinx 1PumasSummer Fling 
Jul 2507:45 PMRinx 1NylonsToronto Ice Cats 
Jul 2508:45 PMRinx 1LynxBlueberries 
Aug 0112:01 AMBye WeekBlueberriesBlueberries 
Aug 0107:00 PMRinx 3Go DingersToronto Ice Cats 
Aug 0108:00 PMRinx 3LynxSummer Fling 
Aug 0109:00 PMRinx 3NylonsPumas 

Play Makers

1Meagan O'Hara2bBlueberries1057120
2Patti Maarse8Lynx72680
3Kathleen O'Hara2Blueberries61672
4Julie Wilson9Blueberries30770
5Penny Purificati21Pumas100770
6Ryley Johnston8Pumas105162
7Stephanie Cheng10Blueberries74260
8Amanda Reis69Toronto Ice Cats84268
9Kris Porchuk33Lynx83360
10Mercedes Watson17Pumas83360
11Carole Galligan17Nylons82460
12Alexis Trejgo13Blueberries71560
13Michele Matthews7Lynx91566
14Adrienne Foster3Pumas93250
15Erin Quinn15Blueberries53250

Net Minders

1Susie Tucker1Blueberries970.7785
2Rachel Cappe00Pumas891.1253
3Sharon Carr5Summer Fling9121.3333
4Jennifer Santos29Toronto Ice Cats9161.7783
5Kristin HadenGGo Dingers8172.1250
6Kate SmithGNylons9232.5561


1Amanda Reis69Toronto Ice Cats88
2Anne Greenwood15Lynx56
3Michele Matthews7Lynx96
4Amanda Grujicic7HToronto Ice Cats54
5Victoria Pelletier9Summer Fling64
6Amanda Stewart15Summer Fling32
7Claire Sist11Nylons72
8Denise Haunn11Lynx82
9Jennifer Kennedy8Blueberries72
10Karyn Freedman7Blueberries92
11Kathleen O'Hara2Blueberries62
12Kim Bates19Go Dingers72
13Kristin HadenGGo Dingers92
14Leanne Oosterveld7Go Dingers92
15Lisa McFarland66Summer Fling92



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