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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

4Dirty Pucks102622940640-11
5Barbecued Iguanas103702438640-14
6Mighty Pirates101902556232-31

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Apr 3008:00 PMRinx 3Mighty Pirates3Grrrowl5Final
Apr 3008:10 PMRinx 2Cyclones0Mongolian Horde5Final
Apr 3008:30 PMMasterCard 3Icemen4Dirty Pucks6Final
Apr 3009:10 PMRinx 2Hitmen4Barbecued Iguanas3Final
Apr 3010:00 PMRinx 3Dead Horses4Heat0Final
May 0210:30 PMMasterCard 3Barbecued Iguanas2Beer Barons7Final
May 0707:00 PMRinx 3Barbecued Iguanas1Mighty Thundercats6Final
May 0709:20 PMRinx 1Heat2Brickworks2Final
May 0710:00 PMRinx 3Dirty Pucks1Cyclones4Final
May 0710:20 PMRinx 1Grrrowl3Icemen7Final
May 0710:30 PMMasterCard 3Mongolian Horde6Mighty Pirates1Final
May 0910:30 PMMasterCard 3P&G Tide Ice Pods6Heat1Final
May 1407:00 PMRinx 3Toronto Benchwarmers0Barbecued Iguanas2Final
May 1408:45 PMMasterCard 1Heat3Brewstars8Final
May 1409:00 PMRinx 3Grrrowl2Mongolian Horde7Final
May 1409:20 PMRinx 1Dirty Pucks5Mighty Pirates3Final
May 1409:30 PMMasterCard 3Icemen6Cyclones1Final
May 2307:30 PMMasterCard 3Cyclones5Grrrowl2Final
May 2308:30 PMMasterCard 3Mighty Pirates0Icemen5Final
May 2309:30 PMMasterCard 3Mongolian Horde1Dirty Pucks1Final
May 2806:00 PMRinx 3Heat3Toronto Marauders4Final
May 2807:00 PMRinx 3Mighty Pirates1Cyclones3Final
May 2807:30 PMMasterCard 3Dirty Pucks3Grrrowl3Final
May 2808:45 PMMasterCard 1Barbecued Iguanas0Toronto Rage3Final
Jun 0406:20 PMRinx 1Barbecued Iguanas2Brickworks5Final
Jun 0410:30 PMMasterCard 2Cyclones2Heat4Final
Jun 0411:00 PMRinx 3Mighty Pirates3Grrrowl4Final
Jun 0411:15 PMRinx 1Icemen5Dirty Pucks0Final
Jun 1108:00 PMRinx 3Dirty Pucks1Cyclones3Final
Jun 1108:20 PMRinx 1Heat7Mighty Pirates2Final
Jun 1108:30 PMMasterCard 3Grrrowl2Icemen5Final
Jun 1110:30 PMMasterCard 3Barbecued Iguanas2Dead Horses5Final
Jun 1809:00 PMRinx 3Barbecued Iguanas3Brewstars4Final
Jun 1810:00 PMRinx 3Mighty Pirates2Icemen7Final
Jun 1810:20 PMRinx 1Cyclones2Grrrowl5Final
Jun 1810:30 PMMasterCard 3Heat6Dirty Pucks3Final
Jun 2506:20 PMRinx 1Grrrowl4Heat6Final
Jun 2509:20 PMRinx 1Dirty Pucks5Mighty Pirates6Final
Jun 2509:30 PMMasterCard 3Barbecued Iguanas3Cyclones1Final
Jul 0907:00 PMRinx 3Mighty Pirates4Cyclones9Final
Jul 0907:20 PMRinx 1Barbecued Iguanas6Heat3Final
Jul 0907:30 PMMasterCard 3Dirty Pucks4Grrrowl5Final
Jul 1610:30 PMMasterCard 2GrrrowlMighty Pirates 
Jul 1611:00 PMRinx 3Heat1Cyclones1Live
Jul 1611:15 PMRinx 1Dirty Pucks1Barbecued Iguanas3Live
Jul 2308:00 PMRinx 3Barbecued IguanasGrrrowl 
Jul 2308:20 PMRinx 1Mighty PiratesHeat 
Jul 2308:30 PMMasterCard 3CyclonesDirty Pucks 
Jul 3010:00 PMRinx 3Dirty PucksHeat 
Jul 3010:20 PMRinx 1GrrrowlCyclones 
Jul 3010:30 PMMasterCard 3Barbecued IguanasMighty Pirates 

Play Makers

1Andrew Kosmopoulos73Grrrowl9115162
2Mike Haas66Cyclones116101614
3Jeff Sager13Mighty Pirates7132152
4Will Kearns9Heat1065116
5Andrew Jack89Barbecued Iguanas10110116
6Michael Malkiewicz9Grrrowl682106
7Matt Nyhof94Cyclones1155106
8George Kosmopoulos67Grrrowl8281012
9Ryan Egan62Cyclones95494
10Michael Onoufriou77Dirty Pucks104594
11Kamran Shahzada21Barbecued Iguanas107180
12Steve Book5Dirty Pucks85380
13Len Corkery54Heat64480
14Dylan Reid22Heat94484
15Chris Ling6Heat103582

Net Minders

1Marc Hebert1Cyclones9313.4440
2Aaron Marcovitch33Barbecued Iguanas11393.5451
3Paul Walklate34Dirty Pucks10404.0000
4Jason Amaral00Heat10414.1000
5Ryan PayneGGrrrowl10454.5000
6Tim SturgeonGMighty Pirates9515.6670


1Matt Odynski41Cyclones722
2TREVOR IVENS72Barbecued Iguanas820
3CALLUM DARGAVEL20Dirty Pucks714
4Mike Haas66Cyclones1114
5George Kosmopoulos67Grrrowl812
6Mark Kummerer10Grrrowl1012
7David Jakubowicz32Grrrowl310
8Danny Da silva55Cyclones118
9Micheal Mills30Grrrowl48
10Andrew Jack89Barbecued Iguanas106
11Chris Besant9Mighty Pirates96
12Jonathan Gallivan27Mighty Pirates96
13Julian Osorio26Cyclones86
14Kevin McBride2Dirty Pucks86
15Matt Nyhof94Cyclones116



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