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Focused on Adult Recreational Hockey for Men and Women in Toronto & Brampton
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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Beer Barons118214921172428
2P&G Tide Ice Pods116144124163217
3Mighty Pigs11641262013186
4Catfish Tapas1155123271158-4
6Toronto Mighty Pigs112903251444-19

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Apr 3006:00 PMRinx 3District 53Catfish Tapas2Final
Apr 3006:10 PMRinx 2Mighty Pigs1Panthers2Final
Apr 3007:00 PMRinx 3Toronto Mighty Pigs4Toronto Blades2Final
Apr 3008:20 PMRinx 1Phantoms5Jackie Chans1Final
Apr 3009:00 PMRinx 3Beer Barons7Whalers4Final
Apr 3010:10 PMRinx 2P&G Tide Ice Pods5Brewstars1Final
May 0210:30 PMMasterCard 3Barbecued Iguanas2Beer Barons7Final
May 0707:20 PMRinx 1Beer Barons4Toronto Ice Dogs3Final
May 0708:00 PMRinx 3Jackie Chans1Mighty Pigs5Final
May 0708:30 PMMasterCard 3Catfish Tapas4Phantoms1Final
May 0709:30 PMMasterCard 3Toronto Marauders1P&G Tide Ice Pods6Final
May 0711:15 PMRinx 1Toronto Mighty Pigs0Buds4Final
May 0910:30 PMMasterCard 3P&G Tide Ice Pods6Heat1Final
May 1406:20 PMRinx 1Mighty Thundercats1Beer Barons6Final
May 1408:30 PMMasterCard 3Beavers7Toronto Mighty Pigs2Final
May 1410:00 PMRinx 3District 52Phantoms2Final
May 1410:20 PMRinx 1Mighty Pigs1Catfish Tapas3Final
May 1411:00 PMRinx 3Whalers2P&G Tide Ice Pods3Final
May 1607:30 PMMasterCard 3Phantoms2Mighty Pigs2Final
May 1609:30 PMMasterCard 3Catfish Tapas3Panthers0Final
May 2806:20 PMRinx 1P&G Tide Ice Pods2Vultures2Final
May 2809:00 PMRinx 3Beer Barons1Catfish Tapas3Final
May 2809:20 PMRinx 1Phantoms5Panthers0Final
May 2809:30 PMMasterCard 3District 54Mighty Pigs1Final
May 2810:00 PMRinx 3North Stars6Toronto Mighty Pigs5Final
May 3007:30 PMMasterCard 3Toronto Mighty Pigs4Beauties and the Beast5Final
Jun 0406:00 PMRinx 3District 55Catfish Tapas0Final
Jun 0407:20 PMRinx 1Phantoms3Beer Barons3Final
Jun 0407:30 PMMasterCard 3Mighty Pigs5Panthers0Final
Jun 0409:20 PMRinx 1Toronto Mighty Pigs3Buds5Final
Jun 0410:20 PMRinx 1P&G Tide Ice Pods6Toronto Ice Dogs4Final
Jun 1107:00 PMRinx 3P&G Tide Ice Pods3Toronto Tanks3Final
Jun 1107:30 PMMasterCard 3Beavers8Toronto Mighty Pigs5Final
Jun 1110:30 PMMasterCard 2Catfish Tapas3Phantoms2Final
Jun 1111:00 PMRinx 3Beer Barons2Mighty Pigs3Final
Jun 1808:00 PMRinx 3District 53Phantoms3Final
Jun 1808:20 PMRinx 1Mighty Pigs2Catfish Tapas1Final
Jun 1808:30 PMMasterCard 3P&G Tide Ice Pods2Beer Barons5Final
Jun 1811:00 PMRinx 3North Stars6Toronto Mighty Pigs4Final
Jun 2510:00 PMRinx 3Catfish Tapas2P&G Tide Ice Pods2Final
Jun 2510:20 PMRinx 1Beer Barons5Toronto Mighty Pigs0Final
Jun 2510:30 PMMasterCard 3Phantoms1Mighty Pigs4Final
Jul 0909:00 PMRinx 3Toronto Mighty Pigs0Mighty Pigs1Final
Jul 0909:20 PMRinx 1Phantoms2P&G Tide Ice Pods2Final
Jul 0909:30 PMMasterCard 3Beer Barons5Catfish Tapas0Final
Jul 1607:00 PMRinx 3P&G Tide Ice Pods4Mighty Pigs1Pending
Jul 1607:20 PMRinx 1Beer Barons4Phantoms0Pending
Jul 1607:30 PMMasterCard 3Catfish Tapas2Toronto Mighty Pigs5Pending
Jul 2310:30 PMMasterCard 2Mighty PigsBeer Barons 
Jul 2311:00 PMRinx 3PhantomsCatfish Tapas 
Jul 2311:15 PMRinx 1Toronto Mighty PigsP&G Tide Ice Pods 
Jul 3008:00 PMRinx 3Beer BaronsP&G Tide Ice Pods 
Jul 3008:20 PMRinx 1Catfish TapasMighty Pigs 
Jul 3008:30 PMMasterCard 3PhantomsToronto Mighty Pigs 

Play Makers

1Michael Amadi51P&G Tide Ice Pods11233260
2Darryl Thomson15Beer Barons11167232
3Spencer Bayley3P&G Tide Ice Pods10810182
4Christian Laidlaw4Beer Barons11510154
5Steven Thomson19Beer Barons9211132
6Rich Luft16Catfish Tapas11102124
7Michael Pedretti13Beer Barons1173106
8Jeff Peel10Toronto Mighty Pigs964100
9Jeff McAleer10Mighty Pigs1055102
10Gordon Thomson11Beer Barons1046100
11Brandon Luft18Catfish Tapas946106
12Rivet Madill44Phantoms11281010
13TJ Reeve21P&G Tide Ice Pods1019102
14Spencer Robinson8Toronto Mighty Pigs69098
15Frank Teixeira5Beer Barons94590

Net Minders

1Chad AllenGP&G Tide Ice Pods691.5000
2Mike Newman39Beer Barons10181.8003
3Harry Kalantzakos00Mighty Pigs10202.0001
4Tom SuttonG-2Phantoms5112.2001
5Olivier Reuillard-Guerrier33P&G Tide Ice Pods5153.0000
6Neil FentonGToronto Mighty Pigs10505.0000


1Colin Frenke16P&G Tide Ice Pods1018
2Jason Levine27Catfish Tapas1018
3Joel Dolman85Phantoms918
4mark bristoll22Phantoms1012
5Colin O'Young84Toronto Mighty Pigs410
6Rivet Madill44Phantoms1110
7Scott Affleck22Catfish Tapas910
8Spencer Robinson8Toronto Mighty Pigs68
9Brandon Luft18Catfish Tapas96
10Martin Foster7Phantoms96
11Michael Pedretti13Beer Barons116
12Patrick Eichenberg77Mighty Pigs86
13Adam Logan4Mighty Pigs104
14Alan Kraguljac81Toronto Mighty Pigs64
15Christian Laidlaw4Beer Barons114



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