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All results are pending until current games are
indicated as Final in the Schedule + Scores section below.

1Old Wheeling Nailers211542104573211547
2Dumb Pucks211362100722812828
5Bexxus Bears2141527211210144-40

Schedule + Scores

(Click on a game score to view that game sheet)

Sep 1403:15 PMFord PC 3Green Bastards4Bexxus Bears5Final
Sep 1404:30 PMFord PC 3Tomahawks3Nutbusters5Final
Sep 1407:00 PMFord PC 3Barracudas0Pigeons5Final
Sep 1409:30 PMFord PC 3Dumb Pucks5A Team6Final
Sep 1410:00 PMRinx 3Butchers3Old Wheeling Nailers7Final
Sep 2102:00 PMFord PC 3Pigeons2Dumb Pucks4Final
Sep 2102:45 PMRinx 2Old Wheeling Nailers3Heat0Final
Sep 2104:30 PMFord PC 2Old District 58Tomahawks3Final
Sep 2109:30 PMFord PC 3Bexxus Bears5One Liners4Final
Sep 2802:00 PMFord PC 2Old District 56Bexxus Bears4Final
Sep 2803:15 PMFord PC 2Barracudas0Dumb Pucks1Final
Sep 2804:30 PMFord PC 2Tomahawks6Green Bastards4Final
Sep 2805:45 PMFord PC 2TCMG2Pigeons7Final
Sep 2807:00 PMFord PC 3Old Wheeling Nailers7Icemen2Final
Oct 0504:30 PMFord PC 2Bexxus Bears5Tomahawks2Final
Oct 0505:00 PMRinx 3Old Wheeling Nailers3Erb St. Bombers2Final
Oct 0507:00 PMFord PC 2Dumb Pucks4TCMG5Final
Oct 0509:30 PMFord PC 2Pigeons3Thrashers East4Final
Oct 1906:30 PMFord PC 3Dumb Pucks7Thrashers East3Final
Oct 1906:30 PMFord PC 2Tomahawks3One Liners3Final
Oct 1907:45 PMFord PC 3A Team6Pigeons4Final
Oct 1907:45 PMFord PC 2Bexxus Bears3Nutbusters4Final
Oct 1909:00 PMRinx 1Old Wheeling Nailers5Angry Beavers1Final
Oct 2602:00 PMFord PC 2Old Wheeling Nailers8TCMG4Final
Oct 2604:30 PMFord PC 2Tomahawks6Thrashers East2Final
Oct 2605:45 PMFord PC 3Green Bastards6Bexxus Bears2Final
Oct 2608:15 PMFord PC 3Barracudas2Pigeons7Final
Oct 2609:30 PMFord PC 3Dumb Pucks7Judas2Final
Nov 0202:00 PMFord PC 2Pigeons9Dumb Pucks4Final
Nov 0204:30 PMFord PC 2Devils3Old Wheeling Nailers6Final
Nov 0204:30 PMFord PC 3Judas6Tomahawks8Final
Nov 0207:00 PMFord PC 3Bexxus Bears3Hogtown Hookers6Final
Nov 0912:45 PMFord PC 3Old District 510Bexxus Bears5Final
Nov 0903:15 PMFord PC 2Barracudas2Dumb Pucks7Final
Nov 0904:30 PMFord PC 2Tomahawks5Pigeons7Final
Nov 0907:00 PMFord PC 2Mighty Pigs1Old Wheeling Nailers6Final
Nov 1604:30 PMFord PC 2Bexxus Bears3A Team6Final
Nov 1604:30 PMFord PC 1Dumb Pucks3Tomahawks5Final
Nov 1605:45 PMFord PC 1Old Wheeling Nailers3TBA2Final
Nov 1609:30 PMFord PC 2Pigeons1Thrashers East4Final
Nov 2306:45 PMFord PC 1Judas0Pigeons5Final
Nov 2307:15 PMFord PC 4Barracudas5Tomahawks5Final
Nov 2308:30 PMFord PC 4Dumb Pucks2Thrashers East2Final
Nov 2309:30 PMFord PC 2Bexxus Bears3One Liners5Final
Nov 2309:45 PMFord PC 4Old Wheeling Nailers3Wolverines3Final
Nov 3003:15 PMFord PC 3Green Bastards2Bexxus Bears2Final
Nov 3004:30 PMFord PC 2Tomahawks2Thrashers East7Final
Nov 3008:15 PMFord PC 3Old Wheeling Nailers4Pigeons4Final
Nov 3009:30 PMFord PC 3Dumb Pucks5Judas0Final
Dec 0704:30 PMFord PC 3TBA4Tomahawks6Final
Dec 0708:15 PMFord PC 2Bexxus Bears1Pigeons6Final
Dec 0709:30 PMFord PC 2Old Wheeling Nailers0Dumb Pucks2Final
Dec 1403:15 PMFord PC 3Pigeons5Dumb Pucks1Final
Dec 1404:30 PMFord PC 3Tomahawks2Old Wheeling Nailers7Final
Dec 1405:45 PMFord PC 3Bexxus Bears10Mighty Pigs5Final
Dec 2104:30 PMFord PC 3Dumb Pucks7Tomahawks4Final
Dec 2108:15 PMFord PC 3Old Wheeling Nailers6Bexxus Bears1Final
Dec 2109:30 PMFord PC 3Devils5Pigeons5Final
Jan 0404:45 PMRinx 2TCMG0Old Wheeling Nailers5Final
Jan 0409:00 PMMaple Leaf GardensPigeons7Tomahawks8Final
Jan 0410:15 PMMaple Leaf GardensDumb Pucks6Bexxus Bears1Final
Jan 1104:30 PMFord PC 3Bexxus Bears5Tomahawks7Final
Jan 1108:15 PMFord PC 2Old Wheeling Nailers5Pigeons6Final
Jan 1109:30 PMFord PC 2Wolverines3Dumb Pucks8Final
Jan 1804:15 PMFord PC 3Dumb Pucks5Old Wheeling Nailers7Final
Jan 1805:30 PMFord PC 3Tomahawks4Mighty Pigs4Final
Jan 1806:45 PMFord PC 3Pigeons5Bexxus Bears0Final
Jan 2504:30 PMFord PC 3Old Wheeling Nailers6Tomahawks8Final
Jan 2508:15 PMFord PC 3Dumb Pucks3Pigeons3Final
Jan 2509:30 PMFord PC 3TBA6Bexxus Bears6Final
Feb 0103:15 PMFord PC 2Pigeons9Wolverines4Final
Feb 0104:30 PMFord PC 2Tomahawks6Dumb Pucks8Final
Feb 0105:45 PMFord PC 2Bexxus Bears1Old Wheeling Nailers5Final
Feb 0805:45 PMFord PC 3Tomahawks5Pigeons5Final
Feb 0808:15 PMFord PC 2Bexxus Bears3Dumb Pucks5Final
Feb 0809:30 PMFord PC 2Old Wheeling Nailers7Devils2Final
Feb 2203:15 PMFord PC 3Dumb Pucks6TCMG4Final
Feb 2204:30 PMFord PC 3Tomahawks6Bexxus Bears4Final
Feb 2205:45 PMFord PC 3Pigeons5Old Wheeling Nailers1Final

Play Makers

1Dana Feltmate27Tomahawks212125460
2Scott MacLennan11Tomahawks1819264528
3Marlowe Feltmate6Tomahawks1829134220
4Eric Clark97Pigeons203010400
5Scott Lemke10Old Wheeling Nailers1913243710
6Chris Snoyer9Dumb Pucks2116183412
7Josh Macpherson15Dumb Pucks1815153014
8Justin Lahey12Dumb Pucks181513286
9Thomas Whillier27Old Wheeling Nailers1512162831
10David Block93Dumb Pucks1911172810
11Esten Szigeti58Old Wheeling Nailers211512272
12Jonathan Asselstine7Old Wheeling Nailers17159242
13Frank Portman13Old Wheeling Nailers181013236
14Scott McKay44Pigeons215182312
15Matthew Scott8Pigeons179132224

Net Minders

1Braydon Wilson20 (G)Old Wheeling Nailers20532.6502
2Dave McDonald15Pigeons5142.8002
3Darcy Corbett29Pigeons16543.3751
4Joel GillespieGDumb Pucks20723.6002
5Paul Birkbeck14Bexxus Bears8394.8750
6Matt Ennis35Tomahawks17955.5880
7Steve KerrGoalieBexxus Bears5346.8000


1Jamie Boston24Pigeons1736
2Corey Martin71Pigeons1235
3Kevin MacDonald50Pigeons1831
4Thomas Whillier27Old Wheeling Nailers1531
5Adam Quattrociocchi91Bexxus Bears1930
6Matthew Sabat18Bexxus Bears1928
7Scott MacLennan11Tomahawks1828
8Ian Peebles14Dumb Pucks1926
9Matthew Scott8Pigeons1724
10Rob Rimmer16Tomahawks2024
11Shawn Quigg16Pigeons2024
12Marlowe Feltmate6Tomahawks1820
13Mark Rybicki4Tomahawks2018
14Zach Chenier66Dumb Pucks1518
15Jason Coss7Tomahawks1914


Mattamy Centre

Ford Performance Centre

Coca Cola Coliseum

CAA Centre








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